WineAlbum makes recording your tasting notes fast and easy. Take photos, record scores, add note tags, write down prices. WineAlbum even intelligently figures out what restaurant or tasting room you’re in so that you can keep track of what you’ve tasted where!


When you want to review your notes, you can sort & search by anything you can think of. Want to see your highest-rated red wines? Find which wines you’ve already tasted at the restaurant you’re in? Search for a buttery 2009 Chardonnay? Everything is only a couple taps away!


Wine tasting is always more fun with friends. Share your tasting notes and your wines, complete with scores and photos, on Twitter, Facebook, or by email, and your friends can even import them into their own copies of WineAlbum for future reference!

I love that I can use this year-round, not just for Christmas… And I love the bookmarklet feature. I’m definitely recommending this to friends and family!


This App is my favorite! It’s truly a lifesaver to keep on track. It has definitely made the frustration of the holidays cool down.


This app does everything I try to do in my spreadsheet and more! I am thrilled. PLUS, the developer is absolutely amazing!


App Store DownloadAvailable now for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!