Nursing Notebook

The perfect app for new parents.

  • Timer

    Keep track of the side and length of feedings

  • Notes

    Record diaper changes and weigh-ins

  • Stats

    See statistics for lengths and frequencies of feedings, weight changes, and more

  • Photo

    Nursing Notebook chooses a color scheme based on a photo of your baby

  • Syncing

    Available cloud syncing feature lets both parents share data

The easiest way to keep track of your baby’s feeding schedule! Designed for breastfeeding, Nursing Notebook will help you remember which side you’re on, time your feedings, and be reminded of when your next feeding should be! Also keep track of diaper changes, your baby’s weight, and more.

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Awesome app. Works great. They thought of everything.


Very user friendly. Allows you to keep track of literally, everything! I like being able to manually add an entry in case I forget. Its also visually very pretty and integrates a picture of your baby as well!! I love this app!!